Psychological Assessment System

A fast, easy, accurate, fully automated, patented and secure scanning method for psychological assessment.

No hassle, commitment or membership!

Hand Scanning Technology

An accurate and noninvasive procedure that generates psychological profiles by measuring hand electrodermal response.

No paper, pens or stressful questionnaires!

Where Science Meets Practical Applications

A web based technology giving detailed and accurate insight of psychological patterns.

Easy, fast and fully secured.

Evidence-Based Evaluation System

Psychological reports you can trust based on comprehensive, research supported data and algorithms.

Standardized, statistically significant and highly reliable.

Automated and Unbiased

Investigate the psychological potential of an individual by quickly collecting psychophysiological data.

One Click Away

Accurate, real time, easy-access online platform.

Fully Customizable

Build customized reports based on 62 relevant psychological indicators.
Produced in Europe, MindSpring™ is a hand scanner that measures the electrodermal response by simply placing both hands of the examinee for 5 minutes* on the scanner sensors.

*Depending on the internet speed connection.

Developed in Canada, MindDeck™ is a securely accessed, multilingual and user friendly web application, optimized for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. It offers an easy and quick data collecting process, generating different, customized reports, with easy use and management of the data base.

Take Advantage Of The Following Benefits


Highly efficient

maximum results for a fast and easy scan

24/7 Round the clock

web based access to unlimited psychological reports

Access to complete history

of psychological assessments and reports


up to 5 minutes scanning procedure

Customized reports

for individuals or interpersonal and group compatibility

100% unbiased assessment

totally free of subjective interpretations and input

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