Three Distinctive Components

  • MindSpring™ – the hand scanner hardware
  • MindDeck™ – multilingual cloud based web application
  • MindMi™ Reports – access to fully customized psychological reports

+600 BONUS POINTS to fully explore the system

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Introducing The Psychometric Instruments

Produced in Europe, the wireless MindSpring™ hand scanner is a subtle noninvasive electrical stimulator that records specific electrodermal changes in response to a particular input of frequencies. Our instrument takes the well-established electrodermal response method to a new level by collecting pertinent data, analyzing it and translating it into hundreds of specific patterns corresponding to different psychological profiles. After your unique and secure account is established you can generate customized psychological reports with points from your walletThe MindSpring™ hand scanner comes with a one year warranty.

Developed in Canada, MindDeck™ web application allows smooth and efficient online user account management as well as efficient online operation and setup of the MindSpring™ hand scanner. It offers simple, user friendly multilingual interfaces. All reports are automatically archived in the users’ accounts and are available to be printed, emailed or saved on local devices. The MindDeck™ platform is securely accessed and optimized for Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Personality Report

Value: 80 points

Talent Report

Value: 40 points

Group Compatibility Report

Value: 80 points + 10 points x No. of persons

Report of 62 Psychological Indicators

Value: up to 100 points

Report of Emotional Intelligence Potential

Value: 30 points

Report of Cognitive Intelligence Potential

Value: 30 points

Cognitive Pattern Report

Value: 40 points (Coming soon!)

Interpersonal Compatibility Report

Value: 100 points

Cerebral Dominance Report

Value: 40 points (Coming soon!)

Ideal Profile Report

Value: 80 points + 10 points x No. of persons (Coming soon!)

Points Bonus

included with the purchase of the complete MindMi™ System, allows you to sample once, at no extra cost, all reports available.

Point System

You can recharge your wallet by buying extra points at the price of

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Recharge your account easily and quickly

with Psychometric Systems Points to generate the desired MindMi™ reports. Choose the right amount for your needs, minimum 500 points

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